The Will Michael Story

I said to myself, “this testimony needs to be shared asap!” And here you have it - decided to share it as a blog post. And his testimony goes something like this…


For the first time since 2016, I am 100% PHARMACEUTICAL-FREE!

My prescription nightmare started with my brain tumor diagnosis in 2016, which was followed by a nightmarish operation from which I did not open my eyes for eight days. What began with preventive seizure pills mutated into one and a half years during which my daily routine revolved around what pill I was taking, and when I was taking it.

My morning meds were 800 mg of Advil and 600mg of seizure pills for neuropathy, followed by afternoon Xanax, 800 mg more Advil, and Oxycontin.

My evening pills were more Xanax, Advil, and before bed, antidepressants for neuropathy and insomnia, 600 mg more seizure pills, and an Ambien to knock myself unconscious. I took this pharma-cocktail nearly every day for a year. I felt more trapped than I ever had—but help was on the way.

One of my best friends, Kimmi Jeffers, had been mailing me packages filled with Essential Oils for months. She had studied these plants religiously, had used the oils for years, and wrote down exactly how to use them. I never even considered using them—on the contrary, I grew furious: “...If your name doesn’t have MD after it, don’t tell me how to take care of myself,” I thought. I thought they were a new age hoax, and the oils sat in the corner of my living room, collecting in size and with dust.

Kimmi would check in to see if I was using the oils and I eventually stopped returning her texts. I shut out one of my closest companions and denied my body the medicine it needed, opting instead to continue my synthetic routine of pills, sleepless nights, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain. I was living in darkness—a, pharmaceutical hell, 24 hours of every single day—but things were about to change.

One night I came to the living room at 3am, unable to sleep as always, and glanced at one of the oils I had: lavender, “the oil of peace”. I knew nothing about it, but looked to it with desperation.

Hell with it, I thought as I reached for the oil. I put in on my pulse points, just as she had written down for me, and held it to my nose. Little miracles unfolded: my breathing slowed. My heart rate calmed. What happened next forever changed I way I view holistic medicine—I closed my eyes and opened them NINE hours later, after my first full night’s sleep in a year, to see my hand STILL holding the bottle to my nose, like a baby wrapping his tiny hand around his mama’s thumb. No pill could accomplish for me what this plant did on it’s first try. For the first time since I heard the word “benign,” I felt hope.

After that night came a 6-month, systematic process of weaning off of every last medication my body was dependent on, and CAREFULLY replacing them with plant-based doTERRA essential oil products.

The first priority was insomnia and nightly panic attacks; Ambien became Rosemary, basil, and clove bud soaked through the pores above my adrenal glands via hot towels, while using triangular breathing with lavender. This process was said to ease “fight or flight,” and it IMMEDIATELY blessed me with 6 hours of sleep per night—then 8 hours three or four days a week, and finally, every night.

With my sleep fixed, I used my newfound energy to study oils for hours each day, learning which plants could support this monstrous detox. I read and watched videos like my life depended on it. Perhaps it did.

I cut out my meds one my one, gently, with the utmost honor and respect for my body of trauma; over time Advil became frankincense under my tongue, an oil known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

After a marathon, four-month process, seizure pills for neuropathy became encapsulated and topical peppermint and copaiba—peppermint is known for its anti-spasmodic effects and Copaiba which activates the CB2 portion of the endocannabnoid system, which supports nervous system function among many other benefits.

The list goes on. Xanax became vetiver/lavender/epsom soaks in the tub. Crippling headaches were quickly eased by peppermint on the roof of the mouth and temples.

Last but not least, opiods became daily meditation with the plants. With opiods, perhaps America’s greatest epidemic, there was nothing i could do but sit with the cravings and pain, watching them as they both decreased little by little each day.

My life changed quickly; I started exercising, reading, and meditating daily. I began reaching out and calling my friends again. I started SMILING again. Today, after an exorcism of synthetic chemicals, I am honored to say that I am PRESCRIPTION-FREE!

Thank you Kimmi for showing me one of the greatest gifts of my life, these precious gifts from the earth. Thank you for never giving up on my journey, even as I ignored your calls and your oils. There was no greater skeptic of essential oils than i was, and I admire your determination. As you look at the hundreds of pills on this table, know they all would have gone into my body if not for you.

If these plants could support a recovery from monumental challenges such as what I have faced, surely they can support ANY healing journey. I have been seeking ways to turn my suffering to service—and I found my first vehicle.

DoTERRA has recently partnered with the Huntsman Cancer Institute, the facility where I have had two surgeries and where I have my brain scanned annually to monitor for any tumor regrowth. It is also where my Mother was treated for cancer in 2016 shortly before my own frightening diagnosis; this weekend, I watched doTERRA’s global convention with tears in my eyes as a founding executive of doTERRA put a $5,000,000 check into the hands of the CEO of Huntsman Cancer Institute, to help build a new women’s health center. With my mom’s and my journey in my heart, I knew then what I needed to do: I am now a proud wellness advocate for doTERRA!

I will introduce people to the power of these plants and support them in their healing journey by listening, guiding and educating. I will share 100% of my experience and I will pass on every ounce of education I have received thus far; I continue to learn daily.

If you are interested in learning about plant based healing with me—if you are curious about the experience I have gained through my own journey to health from severe trauma and physical/mental illness, through the power of plants—I hope you know I would LOVE to see your name in my inbox. Let's chat—i dare you to witness the power for yourself. Do NOT change any medication without consulting your doctor.

But know there is so much hope.

Now this gives me so much courage and motivation to keep me focused on my mission why i chose to be a wellness advocate with doTERRA. Well done Will - You’re going to be an awesome wellness advocate.