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Calmer Restful Blend

Life is full of activities from school to sports to friends. With so many activities that you do every day, Calmer was made to reduce feelings of stress and promote calm throughout the day. Calmer Restful Blend is one of the great blends in the doTERRA Kids Oil Collection.

Thinker Focus Blend

Do you ever have a hard time remaining on task? Or, maybe you need a boost to help you when it’s time to pay attention. There are so many areas in life where focus is important, and Thinker Focus Blend can help.

Skin Aging and Essential Oils

Photoaging, also known as extrinsic aging, is the process by which skin ages after repeated exposure to solar radiation. Ultraviolet light strikes molecules in the skin, breaking bonds and creating free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) that target DNA.

Unique Character of Essential Oils

Imagine you had a magnifying glass strong enough to see down to the molecular level. Take that magnifying glass and peek into a drop of essential oil. What you’d find is an astonishing array of natural plant chemicals carefully honed by millennia of evolution, meticulously sourced and harvested to preserve the unique bouquet, and painstakingly extracted to capture the true ratios of physiologically active components. What you’d see in that drop of essential oil is one of Nature’s finest creations.