Lemongrass Ready? So Lemongrass can be used as; 1. Natural Air freshener and Cleaner 2. Skin Health 3. Hair Health 4. Natural Bug Repellant 5. Stress and Anxiety Reducer 6. Muscle Relaxer 7. Detoxifying Antifungal Abilities 8. Menstrual Cramp Relief 9. Stomach Helper 10. Headache Relief 11. Bacteria Killer 12. Fever Reducer 13. Supports Your Immune System 14. Helps Digestive Problems 15. Reduces Inflammation 16. Power Antioxidant Effects 17. Lowers Cholesterol 18. Fights the Flu and Colds You don't believe me...?

This is a Maltese dōTERRA team growing, learning and becoming empowered. The class was addressed to those on my team that bought the Family Essential Kit and want to know all the ways to use this amazing kit, basically how to replace all of their medicine cabinet with essential oils, dōTERRA essential oils. CPTG!