Here we meet Federico Galea, researcher in alternative medicine. He starts by sharing his testimony on how essential oils helped him heal from diabetes and more.

As we move from Federico's testimony how essential oils help him heal, we discuss the importance of pure theraputic and what are essential oils.

Today Federico starts talking on the methods how one should use essential oils to receive the best benefits from them.

Here Federico speaks on the importance of safe methods for using essential oils topically.

Federico in this episode keeps on sharing with us methods on how to use essential oils eg, aromatically.

How can essentials oils help us and be part of our lives during the day?.. Federico Galea shares with us some of his knowledge.

Federico gives us some advice on what oils should be as our traveling buddies.

How can we use essential oils to clean our homes?

The use of natural pure therapeutic grade products in your bathroom through essential oils... Today with Federico Galea.

Federico gives us more tips on how to use essential oils on for eg. sunburns or digestive problems.

Back to school! Very important info on how to prepare our kids! Also good advice for teachers.

Here we are discussing the essential oils that are safe for cooking and also give out some simple methods.

Finishing the 13 episode summer season with a round up - Our last message is.. It's very important to take care of our immune system !!