• Join as a member for a one-time registration fee of €24 or purchase your starter kit HERE which includes the wholesale membership.

  • Purchase products at wholesale price which is 25% off retail price, when you want, with no commitments.

  • Earn free product purchase credits through the Loyalty Rewards Program – This is a great incentive program for loyal shoppers. Example – earn 10% up to 30% of everything you spend for future purchases. The longer you are shopping loyally the more you earn.

  • When you order 125 in Personal Volume (roughly €100-€125) prior to the 15th of the month you earn a FREE bottle of essential oil and are eligible for other special offers, usually quarterly promotions for FREE high € value oils, blends or products when you order 200 PV.

  • Each month there are special products featured at 10% off (plus your 25% off membership discount).

  • You will receive an online dõTERRA shopping site (Virtual Back Office) where you will place your orders (no additional charge).

  • Get FREE coaching on how to use your oils via the phone/email/classes – if you desire.



If you choose you want to promote dõTERRA as a Wellness Advocate, there are no additional cost. It is included in the membership fee! At any time, you can decide to turn your membership into a WA. At that time, you will be required to purchase a monthly minimum of €100 (100 PV) in product in order to get paid a commission. If you sponsor other Wellness Customers and have Retail Customers, you will earn a commission and earn cash bonuses on all of your team sales.



Purchase CPTG essential oils by clicking HERE.

When you decide to join as a new Wellness Advocate to experience dōTERRA’s product discounts and highest commission bonuses: CLICK HERE to enroll.

If prompted to enter a number for the Enrolment Sponsor use #6111863. Once you complete your order, you will receive a welcome email from dõTERRA. See all the steps below.



Do I have to ‘sell’ dõTERRA if I am a member?

No, absolutely not!!! You can enroll as a Member (Wellness Customer) to purchase dõTERRA products with a wholesale discount. There are no monthly or yearly minimums. Enjoy the savings!



With the Wellness Advocate Membership you can not only purchase at Wholesale but you can also sell to others! A great way to make money and earn oils for FREE. We are available to discuss with you how to build your team. You can contact Luke Vella at or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Like our FaceBook Page HERE.



STEP 1 – Select Your Preferred Language and Country of Residence.



STEP 2 – Select Wholesale Customer.



STEP 3 – Fill in the “About You” section. This is the bulk of your wholesale account application. This info goes straight to dōTERRA through their secure site. If you would like, you can add a spouse or co-applicant to have access to the account.



STEP 4 – Enter your Enroller and Sponsor ID numbers. If you are enrolling with us, you’ll use #6111863. If coming in through our direct links, these should be filled in for you.

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 06.54.06.png

STEP 5 – Create your own password. This gives you access to your personal online virtual back office where you can place and manage orders.



STEP 6 – Read and accept the online enrollment terms and conditions and click CONTINUE.



STEP 7 – Choose your Enrollment Kit. All the kits are great, so look at your budget and see what fits. For an overview of the available kits, please click HERE.


Step 8 – If there are additional products you’d like that aren’t included in your enrollment kit, you may add them now and they’ll ship with your enrollment order. Choose your preferred shipping method.


STEP 9 – Enter your payment information and check your shipping address. For Europe, you can select Credit Card. Click PROCESS ORDER NOW and CONTINUE.



Set up your monthly order, dōTERRA calls it “Loyalty Rewards Program” and it is the best and most inexpensive way to purchase oils. You may set up a monthly recurring order on this step (however, it is optional and not required for the wholesale account).

The LRP template is completely editable each month. You may change the items in your cart, decide what you want in your product box, the day it ships, the method of payment, each and every time OR set it with your most used products and leave it to auto-ship. The choice is yours.

Buying product through this template earns you points back that you can spend like cash for free oils. Find out more about the LRP program HERE & Video HERE.



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